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Central European Energy Conference 2020

The annual Central European Energy Conference (CEEC) is held to assess and discuss topical issues in energy and climate policy in Central Europe within the context of EU energy and climate policy. The ambitions of the CEEC are twofold: first, to bring together leading stakeholders from the energy sector in Central Europe, and second, to contribute to finding better energy and climate policy solutions for Central Europe and the whole EU.

The aim of the 14th CEEC is to assess the roadmap for the implementation of the European Green Deal in the Central European member states, including financial framework for the green transition of their economies, the consequences of the global energy development for their energy security and economic competitiveness of the EU in general and Central Europe in particular. Focusing on energy transition, the conference will pay special attention to the carbon border tax design and its expected impact on EU foreign trade, national strategic plans of the Central European EU members for agriculture, innovations in the car sector, energy efficient design of buildings, future of natural gas and electricity grids, and new dimensions of energy markets. The evening sessions of the conference will cover additional topics central to the present developments in the energy and climate sectors at the European and national levels.

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