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Central European Energy Conference 2019

The purpose of the series of annual CEEC conferences is to evaluate and discuss topical issues both of energy policy and energy security in Central Europe in the context of the developing EU energy policy. The ambition of the CEEC conference is twofold: first, to bring together leading stakeholders from the energy sector in the region of Central Europe, and second, to contribute to finding better solutions for the energy policy of the EU and the countries of Central Europe. The first annual CEEC conference was held in November 2007. The 10th and 11th CEEC conferences were conjoined with the SET Plan conference held within the official program of the Slovak and Estonian Presidencies of the EU Council, in the second half of 2016 and 2017 respectively.

The aim of the 13th edition of the CEEC conference will be to assess energy security in the agenda of Slovakia’s OSCE chairmanship in 2019, achievements of the Energy Union five years after its launch, consequences of global energy trends on both energy security and economic competitiveness of the EU and, in particular, the region of Central Europe. The conference will pay special attention to new dynamics in the field of natural gas consumption and supply in Europe, capacities of the V4 countries to meet the 2020 targets with focus on the share of renewables in their energy consumption, Clean Planet vision for the EU, development trends in energy markets, cleaner mobility, new technologies and smart energy. Thematic evening sessions of the conference will also include other specific topics that are central to present developments in the energy sector of the EU and the region of Central Europe.

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